Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Connected Learning Image

Connected Learning

I couldn't agree more with this image.  Connected learning can have so many positive outcomes.  It is definitely true and we just proved as a class that students use higher order thinking skills and do much better when their interested in the topic their learning about.  The time literally flew by when I was looking for cupcake recipes and different ways to decorate them.  I also found it interesting that technology fosters cross generational learning and connection.  This is something that has never happened before.  Now, children can learn from adults but also adults can learn from children in ways they never could before, how cool!  Also, helping children find something and pursue something they are interested in helps them develop the skills to be a life time learner.  No longer will learning seem like a chore if we take this approach but it will be fun and something they never want to stop doing.  Lastly, with technology, students will no longer learn something at school go home and forget it the next day.  It will be reinforced at all times of the day.  Connected learning could have so many benefits to developing the kind of students we want to have in the future.

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